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Cena di San Valentino (Valentine's Day Dinner)

We invite you to join us at this intimate candle light dinner to celebrate San Valentino. The evening features a delicious fixed price menu with soothing musical accompaniment by pianist Levi Larson. 

Reservations are required - please call 206-418-6797, seating takes place 6 to 7pm, $50.00 per person. Alcohol not included, coupons not valid for this event.


"Did you know the Community of Terni, Italy asserts that Valentine's Day is celebrated in memory of San Valentino? Valentino was a bishop and martyr born in Terni. Cupid is Italian too?

San Valentino became recognized in Rome in 273 A.D. for healing the son of Crotone, a famous Athenian orator. He became known as San Valentino from the Latin valere, meaning to be in good health.

Valentino also became a symbol of protection for lovers when he married Sabino and Serepia whose marriage was forbidden because of their different religions (Christian and pagan). 

During the month of February, the city of Terni becomes the City of Love; a chocolate festival and events, both religious and non-religious, celebrate the union of couples and the healing powers of San Valentino." ("The Story Behind San Valentino." Sons of Italy Blog. Sons of Italy, 06 June 2012. Web. 06 Feb. 2017.)